Our Passion is Your Good Health


Health at the Ridge stocks a wide variety of products and where possible order in a specially requested item. I like my shop to be friendly and interested in my customers' wants and needs. All the team share this desire. Together, Anne, Maria and Anna have clocked up 33 years of time with me. They share my passion for the industry and that is why our motto is "Our Passion is your good health". I invite you to visit Health at the Ridge or shop at our online shop. It would be great to meet you. Good health is for YOU.

About Health at the Ridge


It is now 26 years since I purchased my health food shop and I still love it. So much has changed in products and retail itself. A year ago I left the franchise system and became an independent health food shop and changed the name to Health at the Ridge.


When the Ridge Shopping Centre opened eight years ago I moved the business there and I love our location at the top of the escalator. It is a friendly shopping centre and all the shops are great.


I first became interested in the industry when I was in my late twenties and my skin was suffering from acne. It was a naturopath who cured me! And so the journey began of learning about herbs and foods. What is great about being in the shop is learning about "new" foods and products. I learn a lot from customers too!


Health at the Ridge


Shop 3 The Ridge Shopping Centre

Kearneys Spring Qld 4350


07 4613 6900



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